The Dublin Bus Community Spirit Awards is now open to applications.

To apply, entrants must complete an application form, which includes a proposal with details about their organisation and the project which they wish to have funded. Each application is judged independently and successful groups will be awarded grants of €5,000, €2,000 or €1,000.

Any group that is located within the Dublin Bus network can apply for funding. The network extends as far as Newcastle County Wicklow, Balbriggan in north County Dublin, Dunboyne in County Meath and Maynooth in County Kildare.

Voluntary groups who work in the following areas can apply to the Community Spirit Awards:

1. Children and Youth
2. Sport
3. People with Disabilities
4. Older People
5. Environment and Local Community
6. Education e.g. alcohol, drugs, literacy or health

Deadline: Friday 23rd of June

More information: Community Spirit Awards – Dublin Bus

Community Spirit Awards – Dublin Bus
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