We are a friendly bunch of people who meet on a regular basis to tend to the most amazing kitchen garden in the grounds of Fernhill Park & Gardens in Stepaside.

Our aim is to engage all the community in growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing delicious, healthy and organically grown food as well as respecting and tending to the stunning array of herbaceous flowers and borders. In existence since the 1800’s, we respect what our ancestors left for us to enjoy and hope to pass on this legacy. We are also championing bio-diversity, sustainability and regeneration of these beautiful lands.

Community gardens are slightly different from allotments. Community gardens provide a space for all to work alongside each other in harmony to create mouth-watering fresh fruit and vegetables which you, as a member, will share when crops are harvested.

Regular activities include plant care and tending to the vegetables and flowers, learning about soil health and environmental issues, making garden furniture and landscaping structures, setting up rainwater harvesting systems. Being part of Fernhill Community garden is also a great opportunity to chat with and get to know people.

Email: communitygardenfernhill@gmail.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/fernhillcommunitygarden/

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