The Dublin Society of Model and Experimental Engineers was formed in 1901 when a group of like-minded enthusiasts had their first meeting in the Grafton Tea rooms. It is one of the oldest model engineering societies functioning, with an average membership of 35 over the period of its existence. The goal of the society is to provide a social setting for model engineering hobbyists and provide an introduction and give encouragement to young people, into the world of engineering.

Members’ interests vary widely from the construction and operation of scale model steam locomotives, traction engines and i.c. engines to horology, tools, boats, model aircraft, scientific instruments and restoration of full size vehicles. The society operates a miniature railway in Marlay Park on Saturday afternoons from May to September carrying children for free on a elevated track. This tradition started in Herbert Park in 1949 and then moved to Marlay Park in 1982 where it continues to the present day.

Our age profile ranges from our youngest members (age 14) to our oldest members late 80s and still active in the club.  Among our members there are five Nationalities.

We have special but discrete arrangements for carrying special needs children. When we started to carry passengers some 70 years ago it was decided not to have a charge so as not to embarrass anyone who could not pay.and so including all.

We are having an open day on Sunday the 6th of October from 11.00 to 5.00 at our track in Marlay Park.This is the only day we give rides to adults and children all, free as usual.

Email: info@dsmee.ie
Web: http://www.dsmee.ie/

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