The purpose of a Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) is to prepare, develop, monitor and review policies which relate to how Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council carries out its job and to advise the Council accordingly.

The remit of the Economic Development and Enterprise SPC in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown is to deal with policies which relate to:

  • Economic Development
  • Enterprise Support
  • Preparing the economic elements of the Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP)
  • Implementation and oversight of the economic elements of the LECP
  • Oversight of the operation of the Local Enterprise Office (LEO)
  • Tourism Strategy and Twinning

Membership of the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Economic Development and Enterprise SPC comprises of:

Councillors Sectoral Representatives
Barry Ward (Chair) Miriam Hennessy, Environmental Pillar, DLR PPN
Chris Curran Aileen Eglinton, Community & Voluntary Pillar, DLR PPN
Kevin Daly Fardus Sultan, Social Inclusion Pillar, DLR PPN
Liam Dockery Sean O’Neill, Chambers Ireland (Development/Construction Sector)
Kate Feeney Dr Josephine Browne, Chambers Ireland (Business/Commercial Sector)
Melisa Halpin Ann Marie Walsh, Chambers Ireland (Business/Commercial Sector)
Mary Hanafin Rosheen Callendar, ICTU (Trade Union sector)
John Kennedy  
Lettie McCarthy  
Tom Murphy  
Peter O’Brien  
Shane O’Brien  
Denis O’Callaghan  
Emma Blaine

 Minutes of Economic Development and Enterprise SPC

Chairperson’s Reports from the Economic Development and Enterprise SPC

Chairperson’s Report from the December 2016 meeting

Chairperson’s Report from the March 2017 meeting


PPN Reps Reports from the Economic Development and Enterprise SPC

These are indicative notes by PPN Reps only. These are not official minutes.

Blank report template DLR PPN Reps report template_blank

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