The Artist Network is a voluntary group established in May 2012 and working with the support of dlr CoCo Arts office. Currently there are 135 registered members and many more supporters, as seen at our recent ArtNetdlr Biennale Collaborative Project which had over 500 attendees at the opening night and around 1500 visitors during the 10 days of the exhibition. 

The aim of the network is to be a facilitation group, through communication, workshops, talks and other events, supporting the artistic community throughout the county of Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown. ArtNetdlr is evolving steadily and expanding its membership to artists of every discipline in the county – visual artists, sculptors, craft artists, photographers, writers, poets, musicians, actors, dancers.  ArtNetdlr is creating networking opportunities, offering professional practice development, promoting, sharing information to the members, organising events and collaborations between different art forms. 

Our mission is to offer the local and artistic communities a creative, inquiring, cultural environment, to support aspiring and well established artists of all ages, to encourage individual and collective creative process. We believe ArtNetdlr enriches the cultural infrastructure of the dlr county and makes it a better place.

There is a very high number of artists living and working in DLR area, and they are socially engaged, active part of the community already. ArtNetdlr runs numerous events, talks, professional development and creative workshops not only for artists but also for the larger local community. It introduces the creatives in the area and encourages dialogue and creative process in the larger sense; it regenerates the area and lifts the quality of life for those participating.

Web: https://artnetdlr.ie/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/ArtNetDLR/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/artnetdlr

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