As one of the largest and most inclusive sports clubs in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, we actively welcome members across the full age spectrum. In Avoca ‘Hockey is for life’ and we have actively playing members from age 6 up to 73 years old! We have around 800 members (500 of which are under 18 and many of our over 35s still play league helping the to stay fit and healthy.)

We have players aged 15 to 65 on the same teams – helping the younger ones adapt to league.
There is no differentiation in treatment between any members or teams – all are equal here.
We have members playing for Ireland ‘overs’ teams at all age groups.
We host over 35s summer hockey where anyone from any club can come and join in.
We actively train and encourage parents to take up the sport and we have a number of new to Hockey over 40s playing this year on league teams!
We believe that health, fun and friendship have no age barrier.

Email: info@avocahockeyclub.com

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