Cycling Without Age is a sustainable, voluntary cycling initiative, It takes residents of nursing and care homes, day care centres and community hospitals out for free, slow-cycling spins on specially-designed trishaw bicycles, piloted by volunteer pilots. Passengers do not pay and pilots do not get paid.

Brought to Ireland by Clara Clark in June 2017, we have grown from zero to twenty seven trishaws operating in ten counties all over Ireland, with more trishaws on order. Companies and organisations are sponsoring trishaws and donating them to care homes, and Healthy Ireland (www.healthyireland.ie) is also sponsoring trishaws via local authorities and Local Sports Partnerships. We now have several community-based trishaws, where local residents can arrange cycles via their nearest community bike.

CWA is now an international voluntary phenomenon, in 40 countries worldwide. The dream of CWA Ireland is to bring freedom and fun to all those no longer able to move independently outdoors, to allow them to ‘feel the wind in their hair’.

The entire purpose of CWA is to create happy, inclusive cycling experiences for our older and mobility-impaired citizens. Our trishaws take people with dementia, those in wheel-chairs, those visually, physically, and intellectually impaired out for gentle cycles, and the pilots engage them with inter-generational stories, songs, and life experiences. Pilots can be family members, care home staff, or volunteers in the local community, of all ages. They connect with their passengers, creating fun and enriching adventures together. CWA is a totally inclusive activity.

Email: clara@claraclark.ie.  
Tel: 087-2515439
Web: www.cyclingwithoutage.ie
FB:Cycling Without Age – Ireland
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CycleWithoutAge

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