Dance Theatre of Ireland is a Dance Company, a professional Centre for Dance and a Dance Resource organization with extensive Educational, Community, Arts & Health Outreach programs in dance. They offer a wide range of experiences and classes in dance for ALL ages -for beginners to advanced, as well as for those with Parkinsons or Dementia (and their carers).  Located in a purpose-built, large state of the art Studio in Bloomfields Centre plaza, DTI have received numerous Awards for their work, putting people in touch with their creative selves; innovating dance for health, well-being and creative expression; educating, increasing access and participation in dance for all ages and challenging limiting perceptions of older people; They give quality experiences in the art of Dance through classes & performances both at the Centre and in the Community.

On Tuesday Oct 11th, the many participants of  Well-Dance For Seniors Class will be inviting their Children and Grandchildren to participate– join in the dance with them!  Dance is a multi-generational and non-verbal activity, joyous, simple, physical and fun.  The enjoyment you receive from dancing and the health benefits are numerous. Dance Theatre of Ireland’s Award-Winning Well-Dance for Seniors is an uplifting, and wonderfully fun modern-dance class which will seamlessly transport you to a very joyful place, whilst improving breathing, balance, fluidity, flexibility and strength– all to great music (Stevie Wonder, Bee Gees, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and much more). And there are chairs to sit down in the room! You’re never too old or too young to dance. 

Email: info@dancetheatreireland.com
Web: http://www.dancetheatreireland.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/DanceTheatreofIreland/

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