65 women of 17 different nationalities attended the June  International Women’s Breakfast at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland in Clonskeagh.

They started with an opening circle of welcome, then women broke into small  facilitated discussion groups around tables. The theme this time was ‘Things to do over the Summer.’

Each table had maps of the county and some leaflets from the tourist office. Women shared recommendations and information under the headings of water (sea, pools, rivers ), parks (green spaces and playgrounds), sports and heritage -with colour coded dots to mark them on the maps.

They identified their favourite places and  told each other about them and how to get to them. Lots of the women, even if they had lived in the country a long  time, discovered places they had never visited.

The ICCI provided delicious food from the restaurant and the women had brought salads, cakes and desserts from around the world.

The morning was informative, friendly and  fun.

International Women’s Breakfast

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