Deadline for Submissions – 29th April 2022


The government wants to make sure that people with disabilities who want and are able to work are supported and enabled to do so.

To do this, the government wants to get your views on how to improve how the ‘Reasonable Accommodation Fund’ grants operate. Please send us your views by 5pm Friday 29 April.

Reasonable accommodations promote equality by removing barriers in the workplace. This enables people with disabilities to participate and achieve their full potential at work.

Under the Employment Equality Acts 1998-2015, employers must provide reasonable accommodations to both:

  • employment candidates with disabilities
  • employees with disabilities

Employers must offer reasonable accommodations unless introducing reasonable accommodations would be a disproportionate burden.

How the government helps fund reasonable accommodations

The Reasonable Accommodation Fund (RAF) grants aim to support employers to hire and retain people with disabilities in the private sectors.

We are reviewing how the RAF grants work because of the commitment to review it, as stated in commitment 2.4 of Comprehensive Employment Strategy Action Plan (2019 – 2021). The review aims to find out if the RAF grants are meeting their aims and to help improve how they are working.

The funding the department provides through these grants does not lessen the obligations of employers to provide reasonable accommodations.

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Public Consultation on the Reasonable Accommodation Fund grants

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