Thank you to all our members for taking the time to participate in this survey.  Your participation will help guide and shape local response and plans for the Dún Laoghaire Rathdown community support initiatives in the upcoming six to nine months.  Reports and results generated by this survey will be published here in the near future.

Members, thank you for all you do to support our local community.





Summary of DLR PPN Community Wellbeing Survey

1. Scope for survey

  • Survey sent to all our member groups’ primary and secondary contacts, who are in the structure of leadership (committee, Board, etc.)
  • 139 responses from groups, with more than 10,530 members represented

2. Age profile of members represented











3. How often do you communicate with your members?









4. What methods of communication have worked best for you in the context of COVID-19
















5. Do you have a WhatsApp group for your members?

6. Since March 2020 have your running costs increased, decreased or stayed the same?


7. Has your source of income been affected?


8. If your group is a membership organisation or has an annual subscription fee, has your membership fee reduced in 2020?

9. Have you applied for funding from the local council in DLR?


10. To date, have you held an Annual General Meeting in 2020?


11. Since March 2020, have you diversified/ redesigned your approach to your usual activities?

12. Digital needs of the DLR community


Ideas from the community

Zoom skills How to use Zoom (more than 20 groups mentioned this as a need)

  • Zoom for complete beginners
  • Zoom for large meetings
  • Zoom for organising webinars 
Zoom license Access to free Zoom license for groups.

Funding to get a license for a year.

Zoom – other ideas Zoom connect ideas – like disco music or online games.
Other software for large meetings/


Training in how to organise large online meetings and webinars – as some groups have more than 100 members.

  • Information on software available
  • Grant/ funding for other software
******************** *********************************************************************************
Laptops/ Tablets Need to access support to purchase equipment that we can loan to our service users
Laptops/ Tablets Seniors –if they are to be engaged and participating in activities — so many of them now ON LINE– need COMPUTERS or Tablets. 

Could dlr engage with Companies to get used ones, make them available?

********************* *********************************************************************************
Computer skills Courses on basic computer skills.
Computer skills Need for one-to-one support on computer skills for beginners – especially for the elderly
Computer/ phone/ connectivity Any technology help:

– understanding and knowing how to use Whatsapp

– access the parish webcam

– going online to do shopping 

– any supports in this area would be great.

********************* *********************************************************************************
Cyber awareness Cyber Awareness Trainings for Family
Cyber awareness Training on how to recognise online fraud, phishing, scams, etc. 
********************* *********************************************************************************
Staying in touch – digital skills How to create a newsletter to stay in touch with members
Staying in touch – digital skills Social media skills

  • Basic use
  • Generating content
Staying in touch – digital skills Creating and running a private/ closed Facebook group for members only. 
********************* *********************************************************************************
Photography/ video/ Editing How to create videos 

  • On mobile
  • With camera
Photography/ video/ Editing How to edit videos

  • Software available
  • On phone/ computer
Photography/ video/ Editing How to work cameras, lighting, editing
Photography/ video/ Editing How to do live streaming for classes/ meetings/ activities for children, elderly, cooking classes, etc.
********************* *********************************************************************************
Website skills Website: creating and maintaining a website
********************* *********************************************************************************
Other A notice board/ screen for people who are not online to read about initiatives in the area
Other Internet dongles for individual users that would not have access to connection
Other Free internet hotspots around the county


Digital Needs of the DLR Community

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