DLR PPN Governance Documents

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DLR PPN Code of Conduct Code of Conduct Ratified 22 June 2022
DLR PPN ConstitutionConstitution DLR PPN Ratified 22 June 2022
DLR PPN Complaints Policy and Form DLR PPN Complaints Policy & Form
DLR PPN Data Protection Policy Statement Data Protection Policy Statement (1).docx
DLR PPN Data Retention Policy DLR PPN Data Retention Policy (1).docx (1)
DLR PPN Election PolicyDLR PPN Election Policy ratified 11_10_17
DLR PPN Expenses PolicyDLR PPN Expenses Policy ratified 11_10_17
DLR PPN Financial PolicyDLR PPN Financial Policy.docx
DLR PPN Representatives' Charter DLR PPN Representatives’ Charter
DLR PPN Vision StatementVision Statement Ratified 22 June 2022
Workplan 2023DLR PPN 2023 Workplan Ratified 27 april 2023
Workplan 2022DLR PPN 2022 Workplan Adopted 22 June 2022.docx
Workplan 2021DLR PPN Workplan 2021
Workplan 2020DLR PPN 2020 Workplan RATIFIED
Workplan 2019DLR PPN 2019 Interim Workplan Ratified FINAL
Workplan 2018DLR PPN 2018 Workplan Ratified 25_04_18
Workplan 20172017WorkplanRatified26thApril
Annual Report 2022DLR PPN Annual Report 2022 Ratified 27 april 2023
Annual Report 2021Annual Report 2021 DLR PPN
Annual Report 2020Annual Report 2020
Annual Report 2019DLR PPN Annual Report 2019.docx
Annual Report 20182018 annual report 3
Annual Report 2017DLR PPN 2017 Annual report
PPN Handbook 2020PPN Handbook Nov 2020
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