Dublin’s energy agency Codema is delighted to invite you to the launch of the results of the Dublin Region Energy Master Plan on Wednesday, 1st June at 11am.

The Dublin Region Energy Master Plan provides realistic, evidence-based pathways for the Dublin Region to achieve its carbon emission reduction targets to 2030 and 2050. It is the result of over two years worth of research by Codema’s energy planning team to identify the greatest potential to reduce emissions related to heat, electricity, transport and buildings in Dublin.

How to Register
Please register for this event using the Eventbrite link below:

Why Should I Attend?

  • Learn more about the benefits of transforming Dublin into a clean, healthy and sustainable region
  • First-of-its kind research that looks at the specific energy “characteristics” or profile of every part of Dublin
  • Understand how you, your community or your organisation can contribute to Dublin’s Energy Transition
  • Get independent insight into what technologies and solutions will have the biggest impact on Dublin’s emissions
  • Get a unique deep-dive into Dublin’s energy use and potential for renewables through our energy mapping
  • Get inspiration for your own organisation’s decarbonisation plans
  • See where the business opportunities lie in Dublin’s transition to net zero
  • Understand the role Dublin can play in meeting national targets
  • Learn about the leading research in local-level energy planning in Ireland
Invitation to launch of the results of the Dublin Region Energy Master Plan 

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