EirGrid, the state-owned electricity transmission grid operator, is planning a major, multi-year upgrade of the Dublin electricity grid called Powering Up Dublin. This project will help facilitate Government renewable energy targets and meet growing demand in the city and county.

What are they planning?

They are installing up to 50km of underground cables across the city. Some cables will replace existing cables and some will be new. They will also upgrade some electricity substations and build new substations to support Dublin’s electricity network. Most of the cables in Dublin are underground. These cables connect the various electricity substations located around Dublin.

They do not have draft cable routes or confirmation on what substation works are required yet. However, this is something they are currently working on. As part of this, they are setting up a community forum, a business forum and an infrastructure forum. They will work with these independently chaired forums in progressing plans for this project, ensuring they consult, engage and collaborate with stakeholders at every stage.

Online briefings

Over the coming weeks, they will host a series of webinars that you may be interested in attending. They will provide a briefing on the project, information on the community and business forums and provide a space for questions. The webinars will take place on the following dates:

More information

They have set up a section on our website that will be updated regularly as more information becomes available: www.eirgrid.ie/Dublin. I have included a copy of the press release we are issuing this morning below. You can find a project information brochure by clicking here.

Anyone wishing to receive regular updates about this project can email dublin@eirgrid.ie.

Powering Up Dublin

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