National Transport Authority (NTA) has launched the Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign Choices Report. This report reviews the patterns of transport demand across the Dublin region and the structure of the existing bus network. It identifies certain issues with the current bus system and proposes possible strategies that could address those deficiencies.

The NTA is seeking the public’s views on the issues raised in the Choices Report and, in particular, on the possible strategies that could be implemented in the redesign of the bus network – these are set out in Chapter 5 (Strategies for a Redesigned Bus Network) of the report. The Choices Report can be downloaded by clicking the following link – Choices Report 

An online web survey is available at or at this link – Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign Survey. The responses to the survey will be used to inform the network redesign process which will produce a detailed Network Review Report that will be published later this year. That report will itself be open to a further process of public consultation in early 2018 before any recommendations are implemented. The Network Review is one element of BusConnects, NTA’s plan to radically transform public transport in the Dublin region.

Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign Choices Report and Survey

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